I am excited by a sense that pattern moves between the natural world and human culture in an expansive geological motion. I am fueled by a sense that pattern forms not only a surface reality of objects, but is also an entrance to deeper, hidden layers of the universe. A lifelong fascination with biological and botanical systems coupled with a joy and compulsion for handcrafting objects has guided me. I come from a carpentry and craft background that informs how I work and is always present in the energy of my work. I often utilize simple building techniques, but try and push them into extreme iterative realms or layer them with multiple systems of color or pattern. Crystal structure, geological time and entropy have also had a strong pull on my formal and conceptual direction.

Forces outside the direct act of perception can transform and dull our understanding of objects. We move daily through a culture of visual marketing that can form a parasitic stranglehold on our eyes. I am engaged in a process of refreshing often overlooked and outmoded forms of decoration and architectural style. The body of work that I have been exploring using found glassware exemplifies this process. I think of thrift shops and antique stores where I hunt for glassware as museums or repositories for unwanted or outmoded design. I transform these objects through a kiln slumping process and reshape and carve them with a sandblaster. Sandblasting has an erosive or entropic action that the glass responds well to. It seems to slough off layers of history from the objects and push them back towards their origins in the natural world. The individual objects become my building blocks, with which I can create fantastic yet familiar scenarios. The patterns and forms used in pressed glassware are in need of being released from their rigid boundaries. They are fantastic diatoms trapped in old brown hutches. I believe that they have a higher calling.  cheap abortion pill. replica watches

I like to think about using art as a time machine. The actual process of making is meditative and keeps me grounded in the here and now, while ideas and forms allow me the freedom to travel back and forth through history at will. This freedom of movement keeps me motivated and ever searching.

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December 12, 2010